Intuitive Readings


Intuitive readings are when Laura uses her intuitive gifts to see, hear or feel what may be happening in the subtle energies of a person’s body, mind or spirit. In these energetic fields are the issues that may be causing pain, blockage or difficulty in one’s life. Laura helps to bring these issues into forward consciousness for the sake of healing and deeper physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Often times the issues that need healing the most are not in a person’s forward consciousness, or they are in a person’s forward consciousness but only to a certain degree. There can be times when one aspect of ourselves has dealt with an issue, e.g. our mind, but that another aspect of ourselves, e.g. our body or spirit, has not yet completely healed.

Laura looks at these deeper aspects of body, mind and spirit to see how they align and to see what might be holding a person back from their best self. Holding safe and protected space, Laura helps to gently bring these issues into forward consciousness for the sake of transformation and healing.

Working with your highest self and the beings of love and light from the higher realms that align with your soul, Laura can help you to better connect with the various aspects of yourself. Activating your own inner wisdom and helping to provide the support you need to move forward on your own unique path and journey.

Readings are unique to each person and unique from one reading to the next. There is no predicting what exactly may come up in a session but people usually find that the sessions bring up insightful information that helps them in unexpected and positive ways. Healing entities are usually also present during the work, helping to provide support for shifting out of old energies or patterns into new, more healthy patterns.

Laura holds the general intention for that which is in each person’s greatest good and best interest to be that which comes forward for healing and awareness in the session. However, specific intentions may also be set at the start of the reading if someone is interested in exploring a particular area for healing. This is usually best accomplished after one has already had a reading, though, and is familiar with how they work.

Sessions work best when one can release the mind’s need to know or need to make sense of everything. Often times that which is blocking a person is the mind’s belief that it shouldn’t feel something or the mind’s decision that it’s done with something or the mind’s tendency to want to avoid that which needs to be addressed. Often times our feelings or our soul don’t align with the trappings of the mind. The body can also be operating in a mode out of connection with the other aspects of ourselves so the body also can be in a different state than the mind or the soul.

Because this type of energetic healing is very introspective, it can bring up many different types of issues and questions for self-exploration. Note that this work is not psychotherapy and is not meant to be a replacement for psychotherapy. Clients seeking support for advanced exploration of personal issues and questions are recommended to seek the help of a qualified, licensed therapist.


Laura believes in the sacredness of each person’s individual beliefs and personal spiritual journey and since this form of healing is very spiritual in nature, Laura asks that the wishes of each person's higher spirit be deferred to with regard to what comes through in the session. Meaning, only that which your higher self wishes will be channeled. Laura also asks that only that which is in each client's higher good come through and that it come through in a manner that is loving, peaceful and gentle.

Potential Benefits

  • Connect Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Transform Old Patterns
  • Ease Pain
  • Release Fear and Stuck Emotions
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Open the Heart
  • Reduce Grief
  • Connect with a Loved One


  • In-Person Readings
  • Over-the-Phone Readings


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